Staging remains the #1 marketing strategy today, bringing up to 10% more in offers and speeding the sale up to 78% faster.

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We help homeowners and realtors sell vacant houses faster, for higher prices.

Our professional home staging services can add thousands of dollars to your sale price -- and at the same time reduce the stress and expense of marketing your property.

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As a Home Owner, you can sell your home faster and for a premium price. With Showhomes you can also save thousands in holding costs.

Real Estate Agents

As a Realtor, you know that tastefully decorated homes sell faster and for a higher price than vacant houses. With Showhomes you can realize a higher commission, in less time, and always find the home in show-to-sell condition.

Home Managers

As a Home Manager, your style and good taste will turn a vacant house into a Showhome. With your flair and fine furniture you can enjoy a lifestyle your friends will envy.